Princess Bubble Review By a Domestic Diva

Princess Bubble is your average fairytale.  Sure there’s a

beautiful and good princess who lives in a fairytale kingdom,

but her quest to find her Prince Charming doesn’t end the

way that most “happily ever after” books do.  No, this thirty

five paged book, complete with colorful and beautiful drawn

illustrations, has a very different ending.


Princess Bubble finds herself a graduate of Royal University,

she takes a job with Royal Airlines so she can learn about

other kingdoms and cultures, and then this well-rounded and

beautiful princess finds that many of her friends, also

Princesses, are starting to get married.  The Queen tells

Princess Bubble she must find a Prince so she too can live

“happily every after.”  But after searching for a prince,

Princess Bubble has a visit from one of my favorite Fairy

Godmothers ever.  Princess Bubble’s Fairy Godmother tells

her that she doesn’t need to have a Prince Charming to have

a “happily ever after.” She tells her that if she lives a good

life, loves God, does good deeds and treats others well and is

comfortable with who she is, then she is already living her

happily ever after!  Princess Bubble realizes that the other

fairytales were wrong.  She realized that since she had great

family and friends, was a good person that she didn’t need a

Prince to live a happy life. Princess Bubble went on to do

many great things and she did live, “happily ever after.”


The authors, Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb, are “never-

married, seasoned career women-turned-authors <that> did

not meet through their former employer, Delta Airlines, but

rather through Johnston’s ex-boyfriend. These small town

Southern girls immediately became kindred spirits and have

been close friends ever since. Taking advantage of their

company travel benefits, these two well-educated women

decided to continue their education through their many

excursions all over the world. As they traveled, Johnston and

Webb formulated the idea of a new generation of fairy tales:

encouraging women to find their security in something much

deeper than a left-hand ring and to emphasize the notion that

“happily ever after” is attainable for everyone.”


What a fabulous message for young girls!  Even in 2011

young women are just hit with a barrage of messages from

all around them that tell them what it means to be a “happy

woman” or a “successful” woman today.  Many times this

message also says that to be complete or a success you must

marry and have a family.  While I found that to be my path,

it certainly doesn’t mean that is the right decision for every

woman.  This book will help me enforce the message to my

own young daughter that she can have a happily ever after

herself that may or may not include a prince of her own.


For more information on Princess Bubble, as well as other

books and where to purchase, visit their website, “like” them

on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter!








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