Girls Without A Valentine!

Image I am so thrilled to see that even Walmart is selling napkins celebrating Single the Valentine’s Day! I married for the first time at 43 and my husband 44 years old! (Also his first marriage) 

I used to get so sick of people asking me, “Why aren’t you married? and implying that I should have at least tried it-by “it” they mean marrying the wrong person!! Commit my life to the wrong person to be able to say I tried marriage?? I don’t think so! 

I used to host a “Girls Without a Valentine’s Party” I would serve Princess Bubble Margaritas.

The Princess Bubble Margarita is basically a margarita with pink lemonade and pink salt; but here is the real story:
Princess Bubble, a modern day fairy tale for girls of all ages, is the inspiration for the celebration.
Princess Bubble travels the world, helps others, and finds “happily ever after” even before she finds her Prince!
Our fairy tale celebrates singleness. And with 51 percent of American women living single today, it’s about time someone told this story.
This contemporary fairy tale for all ages, Princess Bubble was written to reduce the overwhelming sense of failure, self-doubt, and despair that some single women face. Princess Bubble learns that true Happily Ever After is found by loving God, being kind to others, and being comfortable with whom you are already!”
We have had a million Princess Bubble parties for children with our bubble machine and everything princess.
I decided it was time to start having single girls Princess Bubble parties.

This is such a fun party.
Every girl attending purchase a gift they would love to have for themselves. Then we pour the Princess Bubble Margaritas and play a dating game I invented that makes you rethink some of your dating priorities of what you would want and not want in a prince. This game has everyone rolling with laughter. We then head out to a non-romantic location to have dinner. This party is special and fun way for single girls to spend Valentine’s Day. Princess Bubble parties have spread (during the entire year-without gifts) the parties are just a great ways to celebrate being happy where you are in life!
So, pour a Princess Bubble Margarita and realize you are a princess with or without a prince!


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