Recycle Jeans


Just about the time your black jeans become really comfortable they no longer look black! These jeans were headed to Goodwill when on a whim I grabbed a paint brush and some watered down Clorox (or you can use Clorox Cleanup-but I would still water down a little) and just started making stripes. You (or at least I ) did not have great control of the pattern because the Clorox bleeds past the line you make.

You know how even a tiny, tiny loop will always catch something else in a way that you could never connect if you tossed a much bigger item intentionally trying to loop? Same with the bleach! If I walk by bleach I get a bleach stain on my favorite items, but this…you have to brush over and over till you can see the stain in some places.

I have done this intentional bleaching also with t-shirts writing something for a costume. Make sure to put something between the front and back of a t-shirt so the lettering won’t bleed through. With the random pattern on jeans, I was not worried about bleeding-but it did not make it through the denim.

After I have bleached, I throw the bleached item into the washer on rise in hopes the bleach won’t eat through the fabric. (Which has worked so far.)

I think my recycled jeans look pretty similar to a pair of my Current/Elliott jeans which a pricy!

Worth a try if you have some comfy jeans headed to the donation center anyway. 🙂

Princess Bubble learns “Living happily ever after is not about finding a prince. True Happiness is found by loving God, being kind to others, and being comfortable with who you are already! Happy princesses are people who enjoy others and like themselves. Happy people give of their time to help others!”


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