Is What You See What You Believe?

When I was a flight attendant, and because I live in the city–for years the only attractive men I ever encountered were gay. I also knew 6 couples who divorced because the husband came out of the closet. I developed the “Gay until proven straight” mindset.

Now, I work in the suburbs in a very affluent area. I see mainly families and noticed my way of thinking has changed. I do not assume all men are gay. I do see a lot of name dropping and people informing me of how wealthy they are which is odd to me. The more someone tells me that-the less I believe that they are wealthy and the more I believe they are insecure.

I grew up in a small town that was demographically mixed. My life was filled with different races, ages groups, stages of life, educational back grounds…I just saw people. 

My friend who lives in an upper end suburban neighborhood and is a stay at home mom tells me she sees no one in her neighborhood because they are all so busy working to afford the lifestyle. I would have assumed there were many moms like her and she would have easily made friends because there would be so many in her same boat.

What I am realizing through all this is what you see is what you believe. If you see many racist around you then you may think the world is racist. If you see people cheating on their spouses everywhere you turn you may believe that no marriage can survive. If you see a cute single girl who is older and picky-that does not mean that is the reason all singles are not married…

Is what we see and believe always the truth? I do not believe it is. I believe people gravitate toward like people or are thrown together by circumstances and these people are a sampling of the population but not all of a certain group, race, gender, religion does the same things.

Next time I am quick to judge I need to remember I can’t believe everything I see!     


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