Living Water

When I was at the shore, I looked at the water

I realized how much we are like water

We should be I guess, we are largely composed of water

Like water:

We seek our own level

We are shallow around the edges and deep in the center (when you get to know us)

We have cold spots

We carry some and drag others down

We are basically clam with an occasional ripple

We like to make a big splash

When it shines we sparkle

When it is dark we are muddy

We can be used in several ways to better things

We are a comfort to the aching

I’d rather adapt (like water) than to force others to do it my way

Sometimes we boil

Sometimes we are ice

We can be used to help others clean up their act

We naturally flow one way in less channeled another

Some water is purer than others, but all can be cleaned up

Sometimes we are in a fall

Sometimes we flood, drip, are soaked up, trapped or contained

I guess we are “Living Water”

Susan Johnston, co-author of Princess Bubble 

copyright 2005


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