Supporting Your Girl

You may have seen Kacy Stuart, the 14 year old amazing kicker, on The Ellen Show. If you did not you may view her at

Well, I just received a sweet email from Kacy’s dad thanking me for a comment I made about Kacy and our support for her and her talent. Having had an amazing supportive father myself, I was thrilled to learn Kacy also has the gift of a fantastic father.

I believe it is so much easier to for girls to feel great about themselves and choose wisely the boys/men they spend time with if these girls have had a good role model of a supportive loving father/uncle/grandfather. Of course millions of women turn out fantastic without this male support system, but- I believe it is a bonus if you have these men in your life.

We at Princess Bubble wish Kacy Stuart the best and will get “a kick” (had to throw that in) out of watching what amazing things she will do in the future.

Go Kacy!


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