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To All That Serve Us During The Holidays-Thank You!

I wrote this several years ago. I am re-posting because I am so thankful not to be working this Christmas! I am just as thankful for the people who are working and wish them a Merry Christmas and hope they make it home in time for some of the celebration with their families! (I think the flight attendants have gotten back some of the pay cuts I mention below! Thankfully!!)

I, Susan Johnston, am no longer a flight attendant; but I flew almost 20 years. I know there are many, many professions that require workers to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day or other holidays. Nurses, doctors, firemen, police officers, wait staff, hotel employees, all airport personnel … work holidays.

As a flight attendant, when I was flying we received no holiday pay. That has changed at Delta; but the pay cuts the flight attendants have taken over the past few years have been extremely hard for many to handle. The cost of living has risen while their salaries have crashed. In addition to less money there is more stress! Since 9-11, the public has had to deal with much more in security that many times they (the passengers) tend to be ticking time bombs themselves which seem to be set to blow up once in flight.

As a passenger, you may think, “Well, I have had some less than perfect flight attendants.” You may very well have had this bad experience. But, please remember many times your first flight is the crew’s fourth or fifth flight, many times the crew has been rerouted unexpectedly and not made it to a child’s event or have slept a few quick hours in an airport chair somewhere and not eaten in hours.

Please remember as you travel or use the services of the people working this holiday to wish the workers a “Merry Christmas.” Thank these people for being at work to serve you so you can celebrate.

Christmas is the birthday of Christ. Christ humbled himself to be a lowly baby in the manger to serve the world. He showed us the greatest leader is a servant. The best gift we can give this Christmas is our time, kindness, and consideration to our family and all those around us.

Princess Bubble learns in her fairy tale that true happiness comes from, “Loving God, helping others and liking who you are already.” Turns out the path to your own “happily ever after” will make others around you happy too!

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you every holiday worker! I am not working this holiday and I am so excited! But, this is our first Christmas without my father and I know that will be hard for my family. If you are missing someone in your family this season or missing being with your family because you are working, please know our heart and prayers go out to you!

Merry Christmas and thank you to all!!