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Valentine’s Day & Singles

Valentine’s Day always makes me think of my single friends.
Our experience in marriage has been so fun and easy that I almost want to tell everyone, “Never ever marry until you are at least 35!” But, I see people that have great marriages and met in high school. If you wait till your older there are fertility issues and some people get set in their ways…I have fabulous friends that have never married. Friends that are seeking God’s will for their lives.I truly believe their obedience and desire to follow Christ has kept them from marrying the wrong person. It is far better to be single and wish you were married than married and wish you were single.
I look at marriages that are struggling or that have falling apart and I wonder,”If you are honest with yourself did you marry at a time when you thought it was time to get married? Or because you wanted a wedding or a baby or just something different in your life. Or because your parents or others were asking “Why aren’t you married?”
We have all made permanent decisions based on a temporary emotion and faced consequences. Why do you think the tattoo removal business is booming?
If you have a single friend, son or daughter please don’t add to their pressure because you want grandchildren or think it is time, or that they are picky…Marriage is the area you should be picky!
I suggest we change how things are done and we throw the big wedding like party with gifts when our girls graduate from college or graduate school! This is when they need these things to get started in life. Let them be the princess of that day because they have accomplished something. And go back to having punch in the church when you marry. No one is ever going to marry the wrong person for punch in the fellowship hall. I do believe some girls marry for the wedding. (I would grandfather in all my friends that graduated many years ago because I would not want them to miss being celebrated.)
All this rambling to say:
1. Let’s make our girls feel so loved, confident and secure alone that they would never choose a life with someone that made them feel anything less.
2. One woman’s frog could be another woman’s prince!

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Happily Ever For 50 Years and Still Going Strong!

My in-laws just celebrated their 50th Aniversary. We all went to the beach for a week. If my husband and I make it to 50 years we will be 93 and 94! LOL! And this is our first marriage.

This was my first family trip with my new family and it was great. Of course, like any family we had the members that did not want to conform or participate in certain things. My husband and I are both the first born and pleasers. So, not only did we agree to wear what our mother-in-law wanted us to wear for the Christmas card picture-we also brought additional white shirts for family members we suspected would not bring what they were asked to wear.

The rebels not only did not bring what they were asked to bring they also refused to wear our back up options. And one member was not even present when picture time rolled around. It was refreshing to see that all families have their black sheep and what really matters is how you handle the rebels.

My mother-in-law was a sport about the whole thing. But, having lost a parent and knowing my parents will not celebrate their 50th (as well as being a pleaser) I wondered why others can’t conform for 5 minutes to make their mother or mother-in-law happy while celebrating their anniversary???

I am sure part of making it 50 years is learning to roll with the punches and that is the lesson I got out of our celebration week. We can’t control others-even when it’s our party!

I am thankful to be a part of such a great family (rebels and all) and hope to celebrate 50 years with my prince!

Happily Ever After and Congratulations!