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Valentine’s Day & Singles

Valentine’s Day always makes me think of my single friends.
Our experience in marriage has been so fun and easy that I almost want to tell everyone, “Never ever marry until you are at least 35!” But, I see people that have great marriages and met in high school. If you wait till your older there are fertility issues and some people get set in their ways…I have fabulous friends that have never married. Friends that are seeking God’s will for their lives.I truly believe their obedience and desire to follow Christ has kept them from marrying the wrong person. It is far better to be single and wish you were married than married and wish you were single.
I look at marriages that are struggling or that have falling apart and I wonder,”If you are honest with yourself did you marry at a time when you thought it was time to get married? Or because you wanted a wedding or a baby or just something different in your life. Or because your parents or others were asking “Why aren’t you married?”
We have all made permanent decisions based on a temporary emotion and faced consequences. Why do you think the tattoo removal business is booming?
If you have a single friend, son or daughter please don’t add to their pressure because you want grandchildren or think it is time, or that they are picky…Marriage is the area you should be picky!
I suggest we change how things are done and we throw the big wedding like party with gifts when our girls graduate from college or graduate school! This is when they need these things to get started in life. Let them be the princess of that day because they have accomplished something. And go back to having punch in the church when you marry. No one is ever going to marry the wrong person for punch in the fellowship hall. I do believe some girls marry for the wedding. (I would grandfather in all my friends that graduated many years ago because I would not want them to miss being celebrated.)
All this rambling to say:
1. Let’s make our girls feel so loved, confident and secure alone that they would never choose a life with someone that made them feel anything less.
2. One woman’s frog could be another woman’s prince!

If you have a single friend or daughter please check out http://www.PrincessBubble.com


To All That Serve Us During The Holidays-Thank You!

I wrote this several years ago. I am re-posting because I am so thankful not to be working this Christmas! I am just as thankful for the people who are working and wish them a Merry Christmas and hope they make it home in time for some of the celebration with their families! (I think the flight attendants have gotten back some of the pay cuts I mention below! Thankfully!!)

I, Susan Johnston, am no longer a flight attendant; but I flew almost 20 years. I know there are many, many professions that require workers to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day or other holidays. Nurses, doctors, firemen, police officers, wait staff, hotel employees, all airport personnel … work holidays.

As a flight attendant, when I was flying we received no holiday pay. That has changed at Delta; but the pay cuts the flight attendants have taken over the past few years have been extremely hard for many to handle. The cost of living has risen while their salaries have crashed. In addition to less money there is more stress! Since 9-11, the public has had to deal with much more in security that many times they (the passengers) tend to be ticking time bombs themselves which seem to be set to blow up once in flight.

As a passenger, you may think, “Well, I have had some less than perfect flight attendants.” You may very well have had this bad experience. But, please remember many times your first flight is the crew’s fourth or fifth flight, many times the crew has been rerouted unexpectedly and not made it to a child’s event or have slept a few quick hours in an airport chair somewhere and not eaten in hours.

Please remember as you travel or use the services of the people working this holiday to wish the workers a “Merry Christmas.” Thank these people for being at work to serve you so you can celebrate.

Christmas is the birthday of Christ. Christ humbled himself to be a lowly baby in the manger to serve the world. He showed us the greatest leader is a servant. The best gift we can give this Christmas is our time, kindness, and consideration to our family and all those around us.

Princess Bubble learns in her fairy tale that true happiness comes from, “Loving God, helping others and liking who you are already.” Turns out the path to your own “happily ever after” will make others around you happy too!

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you every holiday worker! I am not working this holiday and I am so excited! But, this is our first Christmas without my father and I know that will be hard for my family. If you are missing someone in your family this season or missing being with your family because you are working, please know our heart and prayers go out to you!

Merry Christmas and thank you to all!!



Princess Bubble makes it to India!

Princess Bubble makes it to India! Well, she is a flight attendant! Going solo can be spiritually empowering as long as you take safety precautions to avoid getting into dangerously vulnerable situations, says Anuradha Varma. Princess Bubble and the Paper Bag Princess, modern fairytale characters, can teach us a thing or two about being single. The latter got hot and dirty while trying to rescue her prince, who turned up his nose and told her to dress like a princess – he soon got the boot. Princess Bubble was created by former flight attendants Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb and found her happily-ever-after long before finding Prince Charming. Read more at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/spirituality/new-age-insight/Are-you-single/articleshow/12412365.cms http://www.PrincessBubble.com

Queen of the Kitchen

I spent several years blogging about Princess Bubble because I am so passionate about the message and empowering girls. But, now I am taking a new turn and going to post up other things I am passionate about as well. Cooking, good deals, reviews….

Today I am posting a recipe for Chicken Artichoke Burritos. So, I am Queen of The Kitchen today!

Made this last night and we loved it so posting in case anyone else wants to try.

2 onions, thinly sliced
1/2 c butter (I used olive oil)
1 envelope fajita seasoning (I used taco seasoning)
4 cooked chicken breast, shredded
1 (6 oz) jar marinated artichokes drained and chopped
8 flour tortillas
Cream Cheese (I used whipped, spreadable)
1 c Mozzarella
3-4 c Mexican White Cheese (I used the taco grated cheese and only used 2 c)
1 1/2 c chopped tomatoes

Saute onions and stir in seasoning. Remove from heat and add chicken and artichokes. Mix.

Spread on side of tortillas with cream cheese and sprinkle with mozzarella. Add chicken mixture and roll to enclose.

Arrange side down in coated pan. Sprinkle with Mexican cheese and tomatoes. Bake covered at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Serve with sour cream, salsa and/or guacamole.



Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary. We had a fun day at the beach with my family followed by drinks on top of Ocean Lodge with a view of the ocean. Then the guys grilled steaks and we ate more of the one year old wedding cake which I can not believe was still good. That alone is just crazy to me.

Our first year of marriage was surprisingly easy for a first marriage for  a pair of 40 somethings. We had bumps in the road like the stress of buying and remodeling a house while surviving a miscarriage and 2 out patient surgeries and a 4 month legislative session. Recently, we went to a marriage seminar at the church we attend when in Atlanta and not only were we the oldest ones there! But, we realized we did not have many of the issues the leaders were discussing because we lived the message of Princess Bubble and we had had complete lives before we married and knew who we were going into the marriage. I would not suggest for other women to wait as long as I did to marry; but I found someone worth the wait and there are positives to being an older bride. If you have not read my book, Princess Bubble, the message is that true happiness is not found in a prince but in helping others, loving God, liking who you are already. The conference we attended spent a lot of time trying to heal or correct the issues couples had when they entered the marriage expecting their spouse to make their lives perfect or rescue them.

I spent so much time trying to empower girls and share with them the message of Princess Bubble and knew the message was important for women to also remember…But, then I got caught up in all that was happening in my own life and put the message aside for a while. Now I am reminded of the importance and how every woman and girl needs to be encouraged to remember how special they are and how we need to take responsibility of our own happiness and not expect someone else or something else to make them happy.

So girls-remind your girlfriends, teach your daughters, and tell yourself that happiness is attainable for all of us start your own happily ever after today! Today I start on year two of my marriage and love my prince but plan to live happily ever after with him instead of because of him.


Healthy Books for Girls!


The Princess and The Senator

The Monday after I graduated from college I began a career as a flight attendant traveling the world and having a wonderful time. My college friends began to marry off and I made new friends who also married off. So, I made more friends who mostly married off as well. By this point, I had been in 17 weddings and maid of honor in six of those. I went to visit a friend and was playing Barbie with her daughter when I was informed by this 6 year old that Barbie could not be happy without a prince. I said, “Of course she could! I was happy! I loved my family and had seen the world.” But, this little princess told be it could not be done and she had all the fairy tales to prove her case. All princesses only ended up happy when they found their prince!

On my flight home, I thought about this conversation and decided fairy tales must change! I was not anti-prince. Just anti-damsel in distress. I wanted girls to marry because they found the love of their life after they loved their life. Because I knew even a prince could not make a miserable person happy. True happiness comes from within and from helping others.

So, I wrote a book Princess Bubble and published it with a friend. We cashed in our savings and decided it was worth the expense to empower girls and remind them they are a princess with or without a prince. Word got out about our message and we appeared on The Today Show and CNN.

But right in the middle of spreading the meaning of “Happily Ever After” my world crashed and my father suddenly died. We were thick as thieves and I was holding back tears of pain while making TV appearances about how to be happy. I still believe my message but missed my sweet daddy.

Meanwhile, my mother told me she had someone to fix me up with. A State Senator,Bill Hamrick, who had been at Auburn the same time I was and who was also in his 40’s and single. I did not think much about this but thought it was worth meeting him. Bill’s mother was also working on Bill encouraging him to call me and he had even less interest in meeting someone his mother suggested. But, one night he had a dream and remembered a girl he had seen in college who smiled at him and he did not have the never to approach. The next day, Bill clicked on the link to my CNN appearance to see who this girl was his mother wanted him to meet and saw I was the girl from his dream the night before.

We met, fell in love and were married 6 months later. Our wedding day, I shed a few tears and looked up at the sky begging God for a sign from my daddy. Shortly after we said our vows a double rainbow appeared across the sky and I know it was God and my father smiling down on us!

First, I found happily ever after. Then I found a prince to share it with!