The Good and the Bad of Children’s Books

The Good and the Bad of Children’s Books

It wasn’t that long ago that various media (frommagazines toblogs)spoke up in disbelief over My Beautiful Mommy, a children’s book by Michael Salzhauer. Anything I have to say about the book won’t be anything new, but needless to say, it’s problematic given its glamourisation of plastic surgery.

Some good news, though? Well, it seems it’s been available for some time now, but I got an email from Susan Johnston this week about her book,Princess Bubble. From the website:

The star of the book, Princess Bubble, is confused by traditional social messages that tell her that she has to find a prince to be happy. Princess Bubble enjoys traveling and helping others, recently graduated from college and is happy, so she seeks understanding as to why she needs to find a prince. After a fun little adventure, she discovers what the really meaning of true happiness is.

Although my sister is slightly too old for illustrated books, I just may pick this up for her, and that way I can check it out for myself. If not, I’m sure the Women’s Centre could use a copy!

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