You Don’t Need A Prince to be Happy


Junior League of Atlanta Book Review of Princess Bubble

JLA Sustainer writes fairy tale book appropriate for people of all ages

By Katherine Dorsett, Peachtree Papers editor


Princess Bubble is a truly unique children’s fairy tale book written by Susan Johnston and Kimberly Webb. The book stars a single princess named princess Bubble who is confused by the traditional fairy tale message that says she must find her prince and get married before she can live “happily ever after.”

Princess Bubble uses her “thinking crown” in the book to research traditional fairy tales. She realizes she does not have a wicked step mother, does not live under the sea, not is she surrounded by dwarves like other fairy tale princesses. She also does not need a prince to save her. instead, Princess Bubble is a college graduate, a home owner and is working as a flight attendant to satisfy her desire to travel and meet people. Most importantly, she is happy the wayshe is now!

Princess Bubble is an independant modern girl who does not need a man to live “happily ever after.” princess Bubble discovers she is happy with the way her life is…and although failing in love in a handsome prince can certainly enhance her happiness, it does not define it.

Book co-author Susan Johnston says “We are not anti-prince. We are anti-damsel in distress. I want to remind readrs young and old, that true happiness comes from within and is to be shared. We can’t make someone responsible for our happiness. The League is a fantastic example of helping others and the joy we get from that experience.”

Elizabeth Thomas blogged a message about Princess Bubble on the book review internet site She writes, “After playing Barbie with my daughter and her friends, I was concerned that the girls truly believed the only way to be happy was to find a prince. Had I taught my daughter this? Then I heard about Princess Bubble and discovered its wonderful message.”

“Some 51 percent of adult women in our country are single, so I thought the timing of our book was right,” says Johnston.


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